European Environment Agency

AIDE family – deprecated

These tables present the data and information submitted by the countries. They are regularly refreshed with the latest information transmitted by the countries as in our Content Registry (CR) – with the exception of dataflow F which is generated by the EEA.

In each of these tools, specific data sets can be selected through the use of the filters appearing on the right side of the table.
Underlying data can be downloaded by using the “download” button appearing at the top line of the table.

AIDE preliminary B – Zones and agglomerations – coming year

AIDE preliminary C – Assessment regimes – coming year

AIDE B – Zones and agglomerations

AIDE C – Assessment regimes

AIDE D – Assessment methods

AIDE F – Statistics

AIDE G – Attainment

AIDE H – Plans and programmes

AIDE I – Source apportionment

AIDE J – Scenarios

AIDE K – Measures