European Environment Agency

Author: Michel Houssiau

Deadline for resubmission on 2015

This notification concerns the resubmission of files for the data flows B to G (reporting year 2015) for which the reporting deadline was 30 September 2016. As explained at the last IPR meeting of November and described in the submission-resubmission note (section 4.2), any late resubmission done after 15 February […]

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Important message

Important message – 05/10/2016 After the problems encountered these last days, the overall system is coming back to normal functioning. You can now check your draft deliveries (re-deliveries) in your CDR envelope(s). However, as a precautionary measure, please inform us through AQIPR helpdesk when you are ready to release but […]

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What to do in case of change of local IDs for sampling point, process and/or feature of interest

As repeatedly mentioned at the IPR meetings such a change creates some issues when considering the links existing between the different data flows and particularly the SPO local IDs. These numerous links ensure the traceability of the elements (see the graph below describing the links between the different data flows). […]

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What to do when wrong pollutant codes were used for BaP and Heavy Metals

It appears that in the past some countries have used wrong codes to report on BaP and Heavy Metals creating incoherence between what is reorted in B, C and G on one side and D and E1a on the other side. Correcting this would require to report all data flows […]

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