European Environment Agency

New: Note on submission – 2020, new Blocker

The updated version of the “Guiding note on submission” for 2020 is available under ‘Toolbox/Guidance’. The main modification is the re-submission deadline which is now 20 November instead of 25 November.

Please also note that we are going to introduce a new QC blocker on the recommended measurement unit. In the past AQ time series reported with wrong units caused incorrect indication of aggregated values with regard to compliance status or exposure to air pollution. In order to avoid the issue in future submission, the EEA will introduce a new QC rule (similar to E19b) requiring data to conform to recommended units. The new rule defines a ‘mandatory unit’ for AQD pollutants (those for which there are environmental objectives). The new QC rule (E19c) will return BLOCKER if reported unit is different than mandatory unit for AQD pollutants. E19b will continue giving WARNING if reported unit differs from the recommended unit for other pollutants.