European Environment Agency

New: updated guidance documents

The updated version of User Guide to XML (B – G) has been uploaded under ‘Toolbox/Guidance’. Main modifications relate to:

  • using the element ef:supersedes in case of SPO local Id change (p. 119);
  • using Delta tool (link to Delta tool here) to report on Model Quality Objective (recommendation) (p. 299, p. 348 and following).

The updated version of Guiding note on submission – resubmission for 2018 has been uploaded under ‘Toolbox/Guidance’. Main modifications (highlighted in green in the document) relate to:

  • the re-submission deadline is now 15 December;
  • modification of the E1a workflow;
  • justification for re-submission after deadline.

The minutes of the 4th IPR technical meeting have been uploaded and can be found in the ‘IPR technical meetings/Past meetings‘.