European Environment Agency

Attainment tables



  • The new version considers the modelled values when existing (master table, details value table and history zone). The rules for the EEA assessment are the following: 
    • measured < LV && model > LV then model
    • measured > LV && model > LV then measured
    • measured > LV && model < LV then measured
    • measured < LV && model < LV then max(measure,model)
  • Number of fixed stations with insufficient data coverage and number of urban traffic stations (in Details assessment regime table) 


  • We have replaced the tabs by actions listed in the tooltip (‘go to Details’ / ‘go to SPO’ / ‘go to History zone’ / ‘go to History SPO’) that you can access by clicking an element. Would you click on a zone, you would select only that zone for the table(s) you want to access.
  • the same principle applies to the secondary pages. By clicking on an element you have access to the action ‘back to Master table’.

Tables after 2018 are based on unverified UTD data. Therefore they are not complete and  PROVISIONAL