European Environment Agency


In 2008, the Air Quality Directive (AQD – 2008/50/EC ) was agreed. A key feature of the new directive was that it combined into one place legislative elements that previously were scattered across a number of separate directives – including the Air Quality Framework Directive and several of its ‘daughter’ directives. The AQD was followed in 2011 by a Commission Implementing Decision 2011/850 commonly referred to as the Implementing Provisions on Reporting (IPR). The IPR establishes the new formal requirements regarding the Member States’ obligations to report on the assessment and management of ambient air quality as well as the reciprocal exchange of information on air quality.

A number of benefits are expected from the transition to e-reporting. These include strengthened data quality as a result of improved automatic quality checking and assurance (QA/QC) with feedback automatically provided to countries when data is delivered, and in terms of the new data dissemination and viewing options that will be possible with the new system.

This section presents:

  • the different data flows
  • the reporting cycle
  • the data flows processing