European Environment Agency

Code lists

In order to facilitate the exchange of air quality information, code lists have been developed. The code lists are maintained at the Air Quality Portal by ETC/ACM and EEA.
The full code lists for air quality e-reporting can be found at under aq.

The code list is meant to be used by data providers to report air quality information. The syntax to link to a particular concept is:<CodeListId>/<ValueId>

EEA’s code list is also used for data not related to air quality. For this reason, common elements and Units of Measurement use the following syntax, respectively:


adjustmentsourcetype (AQ – Adjustment Source Type)
adjustmenttype (AQD – Adjustment Type)
administrativelevel (AQD – Airbase administrative levels)
aggregatevalidity (AQD – Validity of Aggregated Data
aggregationprocess (AQD – Aggregation Process)
analyticaltechnique (AQD – Analytical Techniques*)
areaclassification (AQD – Area Classification)
assessmentthresholdexceedance (AQD – Assessment Threshold Exceedance)
assessmenttype (AQD – Assessment Types)
cdrqaqc (AQD – Quality control and assurance on CDR)
dispersionlocal (AQD – Local dispersion situation**)
dispersionregional (AQD – Regional dispersion situation)
emissionsource (AQD – MainEmissionSources)
environmentalobjective (AQD – Environmental objective combinations)
equivalencedemonstrated (AQD – EquivalenceDemonstrated)
exceedancereason (AQD – Exceedance Reason)
measureclassification (AQD – AQ Plans – Measure Classification)
measureimplementationstatus (AQD – AQ Plans – Measure implementation status)
measurementequipment (AQD – Measurement Equipment**)
measurementmethod (AQD – Measurement Methods)
measurementtype (AQD – Measurement Type)
measuretype (AQD – AQ Plans – Measure Type)
meteoparameter (AQD – Meteo parameter)
modelapplication (AQD – Model application)
modelcharacteristics (AQD – Model characteristics
modelinput (AQD – Model Input
modelparameter (AQD – Model or objective estimation input parameters)
modeltype (AQD – Model type)
namespace (AQD – Namespace)
networktype (AQD – Network Type)
objectivetype (AQD – Objective Type)
observationunit (AQD – Observation Unit
observationvalidity (AQD – Observation Validity)
observationverification (AQD – Observation Verification)
organisationallevel (AQD – Organisational Level)
pollutant (AQD – Air Quality Pollutants)
primaryObservation (AQD – Primary Observations Time)
primaryObservationRange (AQD – Primary observation range)
primaryObservationRangeCountry (AQD – primary Observation Range – Country specific (temporary))
processparameter (AQD – Process Parameter)
protectiontarget (AQD – ProtectionTarget)
reportinglevel (AQD – Reporting Level)
reportingmetric (AQD – Reporting Metric *)
resultencoding (AQD – Specific encoding of results provided (inline/external))
resultformat (AQD – Specific format of results provided)
samplingequipment (AQD – Sampling Equipment**)
samplingmethod (AQD – Sampling Methods*)
samplingpointpurpose (AQD – Purpose of Sampling Point)
sourcesectors (AQD – AQ Plans – Source Sectors)
spatialscale (AQD – AQ Plans – Spatial Scale)
stationclassification (AQD – Station Classification)
statusaqplan (AQD – AQ Plans – Status AQ Plan)
timeextensiontypes (AQD – Time Extension Types)
timescale (AQD – AQ Plans – Timeascale)
timeunit (AQD – Time Units)
timezone (AQD Time Zone – used for aggregated data & statistics)
zonetype (AQD – AQ Assessment & Management Zone Type)