European Environment Agency

What to do in case of change of local IDs for sampling point, process and/or feature of interest

As repeatedly mentioned at the IPR meetings such a change creates some issues when considering the links existing between the different data flows and particularly the SPO local IDs. These numerous links ensure the traceability of the elements (see the graph below describing the links between the different data flows).
In case of changes of local IDs for SPO, we have tested the possibility to use a mapping table but this solution appears not practicable, difficult to implement and unreliable while at the same time it further increases the overall complexity of the system already particularly heavy.
In consequence and considering the structure of the internal system at the EEA, we have reached the conclusion that, in case of change of local IDs, the easiest solution would be to resubmit your validated data (E1a) for the past years but using the new local IDs. There would be no need to resubmit the other data flows B, C and G as we plan to ensure the traceability with these data flows through to the EoI station codes.
However, considering the complexity of the procedure, the EEA encourages countries to keep the local ID’s stable and is considering the possibility to not accept change of local IDs in the future.