European Environment Agency

What to do when wrong pollutant codes were used for BaP and Heavy Metals

It appears that in the past some countries have used wrong codes to report on BaP and Heavy Metals creating incoherence between what is reorted in B, C and G on one side and D and E1a on the other side. Correcting this would require to report all data flows B to G with the correct codes for 2013 and 2014.

In practice however, we have the possibility to overcome this problem. We therefore suggest not to resubmit with the proper codes for 2013 and 2014 but to make sure that from now on, starting with 2015, you report with the correct codes.
For memory the codes corresponding to BaP and heavy metals monitoring performed in line with the AQ Directive are:

  • 5012 = Pb in PM10
  • 5013 = Hg in PM10
  • 5014 = Cd in PM10
  • 5015 = Ni in PM10
  • 5018 = As in PM10
  • 5029 = BaP in PM10

Other codes of course can be measured but do not fall under the AQ directive. Make therefore sure to use the proper codes in a consistent way throughout the different data flows B to G.