Viewers and tools: news

  1. A revised version of the ‘Monitor all data flows except E2a‘ viewer is now operational. The primary enhancement lies in the submission section, where submissions are now ranked based on their submission dates.

2. A new viewer ‘Aggregations explorer‘ is now available. The objective of this tool is to replace the ‘Aggregation and Continuity on E1a’ viewer. This updated version delivers identical information but with enhanced user-friendliness. It allows to verify the aggregations calculated by the EEA  from the E1a data flow (validated data) and the continuity of the time series over the years. Additionally, it offers greater versatility, enabling users to select dimensions for presenting additional features.

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3. The Toolbox now includes a document titled “How to follow and check the submissions“. This document explains how and where to verify the completion of the submission process and subsequent steps.