All the viewers and tables accessible through the flip boxes are listed below. The corresponding sections in the previous version of the AQ portal are also indicated.

Direct access to the viewer/table can be done by clicking on the link given in the column ‘URL’ or by copying the url address in your browser.

Serial numberBoxViewer/tablePreviously inURL
11AQ eReportingWhat is reported
12When is it reported
13What types of stations are used
14Which pollutants are measured
15How is air pollution measured
16How many stations are measuring and where
21Data flows monitorsMonitor all data flows except E2aReporter's corner
22Aggregations and continuity on E1aReporter's corner
23Monitor UTD submission (general)Reporter's corner
24Monitor UTD submission (country and station levels)Reporter's corner
25Monitor UTD (details on processing)Reporter's corner
31Data tablesData flows B and preliminary B - zonesUser's corner
32Data flows C and preliminary C - assessment regimeUser's corner
33Data flows C and preliminary C - assessment regimes - methodsUser's corner
34Data flow D - measurementUser's corner
35Data flows D1b/E1b - modelsUser's corner
36Statistics based on data flow E1a - statistics tableUser's corner
37Data flow G - attainmentUser's corner
38Data flow G - attainment - methodsUser's corner
39Data flow H - air quality planUser's corner
3aData flow I - source apportionmentUser's corner
3bData flow J - scenariosUser's corner
3cData flow K - measuresUser's corner
Data downloadAir Quality download service
41Airbase (2000-2012)User's corner
42E1a (from 2013)User's corner
43E2a (current year)User's corner
44Zone geometries
51Air quality nowUp-To-Date viewer (UTD)User's corner
52Air Quality IndexUser's corner
61Data analysis and statsStatistics - country level
62Statistics - city level
63Statistics - station level
64Daily-weekly-monthly dataUser's corner
65General statistical viewerUser's corner
66Correlation toolUser's corner
67Modelling results - mapsUser's corner
71aFocus on citiesMonthly statistics in cities
71bAnnual average in urban areas
72City ranking
73City population exposed to air pollution
80Compliance statusAttainment map viewerUser's corner
81Attainment summaryUser's corner
Attainment general viewerUser's corner
83B/C/pC/E1a/E1b/E2a - Assessment regimes - levels
84G/H - compliance & plansUser's corner
85G/K - compliance & measuresUser's corner
91Impact on healthHealth risk assessment - Country level
92Health risk assessment - NUTS 3 level
93Health risk assessment - City level